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Best Ads of the October 2019
Fereshteh Darabipour
Mrs. Fereshteh Darabi Pourshiraz, Integrated marketing communication leader of Behshahr Industrial Group, is the guest judge for selecting the best TV and radio ads in October 2019.
Fereshteh Darabi Pourshiraz - Born in 1988 in Tehran - is a graduate of Visual Communication and is a member of the Iranian Association of Graphic Designers. Her interest in art began from her childhood time under the influence of relatives such as her grandfather, who is a master of painting and imaging, as well as Professor Ali Akbar Sanati, who is known as the father of Iranian sculpture art in Iran. Later, she began her art education by entering School of Art in the field of Graphics; and made her first successful accomplishments in early 2002 at the Kharazmi Festival of Posters. She started professional career in design, idea making and advertising industry in 2008.
In 2015, she joined Behshahr Industrial Group. Based on her rich professional background and her interactions with the experts of branding and advertising Industry, she has been leading the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) team in the FMCG section for brands such as Laden Oil, Bahar Oil, Pech Pech, Happy Cake, … till now.
Best TV Ads
Best TV Ads of the October 2019 by Guest Judge Fereshteh Darabipour

The selection of TVCs has been evaluated based on the following evaluation criteria:
  • Visual Attractiveness:
    Considering all factors that may attract the audience such as video recording techniques, graphics, decoration, actors and actresses and all other visual factors.
  • Branding:
    Due to this factor the brand is exposed in the commercial advertisement and the scenario plays an important role in the brand visibility.
  • Commercial ad message (Communication):
    which delivers a message to the target audience and clearly covers the brand features as well as integrates well with the scenario.
TV Commercial
  1. 1&1
    Using the serial technique given the multiplicity of 1&1 products as well as trying to make an image element that repeats in all tv advertisements (showing 1&1 with the hand by the actor) is an interesting, creative and influential idea depicted in the mind of the audience for The brand. The ad's overall production quality, decoupage, video recording and screenplay also adds to the attractiveness of the ad; the clear message of this along with strong branding sticks to the mined of its audience.
  2. Delpazir
    Due to the introduction of new products to the market and widespread advertising in various media, the mind of audience gets quite tired, resulting in lack of attention to the repetitive and erosive media advertising. In such a way, repetitive forms of advertising become an unpleasant experience in the subconscious levels of audience mind, and subsequently are automatically ignored.
    In the meantime,Pleasant advertisements of canned Eggplant and other similar canned products have stepped forward and come up with a creative idea that distinguishes them from other duplicate media advertising and re-enters audiences with a new experience of new advertising form.In such condition the ad cannot be simply skipped over and forgetten, and in the meantime the brand could have had a more intense role in the scenario and product features.
  3. Minoo
    Advertising history shows that some commercials are so engrossed in the audiences' mind that has become a part of his memoir.The nostalgia of the announcer's delightful sound, the old images of the products and the factory all create a sense of well-meaning of Minoo factory's brilliant history atits60's anniversery. In such a way the audience of the older generation is stunned by the memories of the past and the audience of the new generation is fully trusted with its past credibility.
  4. Ilika
    Different techniques for showing the product as well as synchronizing the visual scenario with the slogan and the Narration results in a beautiful and successful ad for tuna fish.
Best Radio Ads
Best Radio Ads of the October 2019 by Guest Judge Fereshteh Darabipour

  1. Delpazir
    Integrating a pleasing radio ad with a television version of itfor the same product, has turned it to one of the most successful advertisements on television. The audio version has almost same impact on the audience in comparison with the TV version, and is currently one of the most successful tv commercials.
  2. Takdaneh
    The charming and cheerful rhythm of Little Takdaneh's radio ad, appropriate to its audiences' age with appropriate lyrics, by utilizing proper child voices is giving the sense of childhood life and makes direct communication with its particular audience, both children and adults.
  3. Danette Pop
    One of the most effective and at the same time very effective advertising methods is musical advertising. This ad with cheerful rhythm emphases on the Danette pop product name, and conveys a sense of repetition in the audience which is a success in radio advertising. It sticks to the audience's mind with poetry and rhythm for a long time.
  4. 1&1
    Applying proper sound effects as well as changing the rhythm of the music based on the lyrics and content and repeating the brand name in the right position as well as integrating the concept of the ad with the television ad of the same product, have resulted in the success of this commercial ad.

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